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🔥 [PDF Free] रिच डैड पुअर डैड | Rich Dad Poor Dad Hindi PDF Download
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Download Rich Dad Poor Dad Hindi Book for FreeRich Dad Poor Dad is the #1 Personal Finance Book of all time. FREE Download Robert T. Kiyosaki‘s Rich Dad Poor Dad Hindi PDF by using direct Download Link –

Rich Dad Poor Dad Hindi Cover Page
Rich Dad Poor Dad eBook Hindi

Rich Dad Poor Dad (रिच डैड पुअर डैड) eBook Specifications

PDF Name Rich Dad Poor Dad (रिच डैड पुअर डैड)
Author Robert Kiyosaki
No. of Pages 225 Pages
Language Hindi
PDF Category eBooks & Novels
PDF Sub Category Self Help Book
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Download Rich Dad Poor Dad Hindi (रिच डैड पुअर डैड) PDF for free using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article.

Rich Dad Poor Dad (रिच डैड पुअर डैड) Hindi Book

I had two fathers, a rich one and a poor one. One was highly educated and intelligent. He had a Ph.D. and completed four years of undergraduate work in less than two years. He then went on to Stanford University, the University of Chicago, and Northwestern University to do his advanced studies, all on full financial scholarships. The other father never finished the eighth grade.

Both men were successful in their careers, working hard all their lives. Both earned substantial incomes. Yet one always struggled financially. The other would become one of the richest men in Hawaii. One died leaving tens of millions of dollars to his family, charities, and his church. The other left bills to be paid.

Both men were strong, charismatic, and influential. Both men offered me advice, but they did not advise the same things. Both men believed strongly in education but did not recommend the same course of study.

If I had had only one dad, I would have had to accept or reject his advice. Having two dads offered me the choice of contrasting points of view: one of a rich man and one of a poor man.

Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert T. Kiyosaki

Contents of Rich Dad Poor Dad Hindi Book

  1. Chapter 1:– रिच डैड पुअर डैड
  2. Chapter 2:- अमीर लोग पैसे के लिए काम नही करते
  3. Chapter 3:- पैसे की समझ क्यो सिखाई जानी चाहिऐ ?
  4. Chapter 4:- अपने काम से काम रखो
  5. Chapter 5:- टैक्स का इतिहास और कॉरपोरेशन्स की ताकत
  6. Chapter 6:- अमीर लोग पैसे का अविष्कार करते है
  7. Chapter 7:- सीखने के लिए काम करे- पैसे के लिए काम न करें।
  8. Chapter 8:- बाधाओ को पार करना ।
  9. Chapter 9:- शुरू करना ।
  10. Chapter 10:- और ज्यादा चाहिऐ ?

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Rich Dad Poor Dad has sold over 32 million copies in more than 51 languages across more than 100+ countries, It has been the New York Times bestsellers list for over 6 years.

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